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Racial Slur Worth 15 Yards

NFL aims to ban the N-word on the field. The NFL’s Competition Committee is looking to enact a new 15 yard penalty for use of the N-Word by any player on the field. This comes on the heels of the Jonathan Martin, Richie Incognito bullying scandal that sparked an investigation...
Posted On 25 Feb 2014

Chris Christie for 2016????

Does anyone still have any faith in Chris Christie? Does anyone actually think he has a chance to run in the 2016 Presidential Election. Well I’m sad to say I believe that his chances are better now than they were before the Bridegate Scandal. He has received more publicity...

Olympic Tensions Rise

Don’t be a Patriot! The State Department is encouraging athlete’s to refrain from representing their countries colors outside of the events they participate in. For fear of terrorist attacks outside of the Olympic events going on in Sochi. Some U.S. lawmakers worry that...
Posted On 24 Jan 2014

Justin Bieber Released from Jail #FREEBIEBER

Justin Bieber was just released from Jail. Do you think this is going to change anything? He was charged with DUI and Resisting Arrest without Violence. He was found under the influence of alcohol and prescription drugs. I mean what the hell is this kid thinking?! Seriously, I...

Justin Bieber arrested for DUI

Sex Drugs and Money The 19 year old Superstar known as Justin Bieber was arrested early this morning and is being charged with a DUI. Bieber was spotted by his arresting officer’s drag racing in a Lamborghini. Even if Bieber is slammed with all the maximum fines that come with...
Posted On 23 Jan 2014

At Least Nine Injured In Omaha Plant Explosion

Industrial Plant Blast In Omaha At least nine people were injured this morning in an explosion at a livestock feed plant in Omaha, Nebraska. Thirty-Eight people were inside the building when the blast took place. TwinsOpinion has learned that at least nine people were taken to...

Denver And Seattle To Play In Superbowl

The Marijuana Bowl After yesterdays wins these two stellar teams will be playing in the Superbowl! These teams also represent two major states, Washington and Colorado, who recently have legalized marijuana for recreational use. However it is still illegal for an NFL player who...

Was Snowden Alone?

Russia May Be To Blame The Chairman of the House said that Russia may be involved in leaking the NSA’s surveillance programs in U.S. and British newspapers. There is question that Snowden did not act alone is this scheme. Snowden is responsible for leaking many of the...

Obama To Order NSA Phone Data Limits

President Obama will brief the Nation on the NSA’s ability to keep a record of cellphone data. This includes text messages and all phone calls in and around the United States. The President is expected to argue the merits of the metadata program and unveil changes to the...

A Rescue Cat Or Dog

Shelters Are Forced To Euthanize 4 Million Each Year Come on folks, think about adopting a cat or dog from a shelter. Yeah, we know the pure breeds tend to grab our attention, but the enjoyment obtained and the love received by rescue animals seems to reach a new level. Knowing...