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Kaine Scarier Than Hillary

Tone, Temperament, And Out Of Touch On Full Display Watching the Vice-Presidential debate┬ámade us deeply concerned if Tim Kaine could somehow reach the Oval Office. He offered little to the American people, attempted to justify her boss’s behavior, and used numbers and...

Obama Remains Above The Law

Plans To Move Gitmo Detainees To U.S. Soil President Barack Obama, according to Fox News, unlawfully used taxpayer funds to scout relocation sites within the United States for the purpose of transferring Guantanamo Bay detainees. United States law forbids the use of taxpayer...

Really? Biden Deems Trump Ignorant

Biden’s Ignorance Never Subject To Debate Vice-President Joe Biden, who once told President Obama his health care law passed because Americans are stupid, has taken to theme fun to describe Donald Trump as one with profound ignorance. Well, let’s review Biden’s...