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Obama Batting Only 6 Of 23

17 Of 23 Obamacare Co-Ops Fold The Obamacare Bill approved and brought into law under the Democrat controlled Congress and White House in 2009 is failing the American people. The promise of more competition and lower rates has faded with the setting sun. Health Republic of New...

Trump’s Polling Healthy, Hillary’s Polling Sick

Slowly Moving Into Lead, With Battle States Now Even Recent polling numbers for the presidential race have Donald Trump’s numbers improving as Hillary Clinton’s numbers fade. Trump’s new presidential appearance, his somewhat softened tone, and world events have...

Vetting: ISIS Infiltrates Syrian Refugees In Germany

Three Arrested With Ties To Paris Attacks Donald Trump’s position to at least have a moratorium on refugees from places like Syria has been further justified as three Syrian nationals, according to CNN, were arrested Tuesday in Germany with possible ties to the November...