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Hypocrisy: NBA In China But Not Charlotte

Human Rights Violations Don’t Seem To Matter For the NBA, the authoritarian one-party state known as China seems preferable for their product but not Charlotte, North Carolina. Religious liberty, free speech, assembly, and expression are all punishable offenses in the...

1.2 % GDP Growth Awakes Hillary

Party’s Over And Reality Sets In Michael Bloomberg, who spoke at the Democrat Convention, had wonderful things to say about Hillary Clinton. However,¬†Bloomberg.com¬†reported that the U.S. economy grew from a dismal 0.8% in the first quarter of 2016 to an unacceptable 1.2% in...

Hillary In “Never Never Land”

No Borders, No Guns, And No Security Hillary Clinton’s acceptance speech Thursday night was as predictable as winter snow. She established herself further to the left as she touted open borders, globalization, and a false security narrative. Sure, the usual left jargon of...