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Terrorists Want Clinton, Afraid Of Trump?

Orlando Shooter Said To Favor Hillary Clinton Radical Islam is seeking to unite the entire Islam world under one banner. Omar Mateen, the Orlando shooter was just another messenger delivering the message. The message of 3 of the 4 major “schools” of Islam is that...

Dirty Hillary Not Broke Anymore

$225,000, Gulfstream Jet, And Presidential Suite For Speech The Smoking Gun is reporting that infamous hacker “Guccifer” who breached the DNC servers has revealed in the newest document dump “poor little Hillary’s”demands for a speaking engagement....

Third World Olympic Failure

Rio Unable To Adequately Host Games Just last week the city of Rio de Janeiro was broke, essentially asking for ways to create emergency relief funds. Just yesterday a Paralympic gold medal winner from Australia was robbed of her bicycle at gun point. The Zika virus has made...